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What is sterilization ?

Sterilization is the process by which all viable micro-organisms including theirs spores are killed. 
Sterilization may be defined as a process by which an article is made free from all viable micro-organisms and their spores.

Object of sterilization:

1.Medical, dental and surgical instruments those involve penetration into blood ,tissues and  other parts of the living body requires Sterilization  to prevents infection .             
  e.g. - surgical operation , intravenous infusion , hypodermic injection ,diagnostic aspiration  etc......
2. In microbiology the culture media , suspending fluids, re-agents, containers and equipment  used requires sterilization of pure culture.
3. In pharmaceutical  laboratories , sterilization is essential for the production of  bacteria free medicine 

Different types of sterilization:
Sterilization is mainly classified into 
a) Physical process.
b) chemical process.
c) Filtration.
Physical process for Sterilization is again consists of 
** Heat
** Radiation.

Autoclave sterilization

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