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What is Impression ?

In dentistry,  an impression is defined as the negative imprint of the natural standing teeth & surrounding supporting oral tissues.

Classification of Impression .

1. Primary Impression 
2. Wash    Impression
3.  Final     Impression

Primary Impression : When the impression is taken to see the gross outline of the teeth & oral cavity at first stage  usually by the impression compound is primary impression .
                                                            primary impression

Wash Impression : If  an impression is taken to correct  an incomplete  impression with a thin section of alginate or paste impression material over the incomplete impression is called wash impression .
                                                               Wash Impression

Final impression : The impression of the  edentulous jaw from which a final dental construction  is carried out is called wash impression.
                                                                           Final Impression

Why we Take Impression ?

We know that the oral tissues are soft & sensitive , So it is not possible to make artificial appliances or restoration in oral cavities. For this reason, we take an impression of oral cavity & subsequently on which a model or cast is prepared and other steps of dental construction are carried out.

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