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What Is Mouthwash ?

A mouthwash is generally regarded as medicated liquid used for cleaning  or treating diseased states of the oral mucous membrane.
But most of the mouth washes are used to maintain oral hygiene as well as cosmetic  purpose.

Uses of Mouthwash : 

1)  It is use for the comfort of the patient as it is helpful in painful conditions of  oral disease .

2)  Mouthwash  is used to maintain oral hygiene -it has some   germicidal effect.

3)  Mouthwash acts as  a scavenger for cleansing mouth.

4)  Cosmetically it is  used to remove bad  odour of mouth. 

                                                                       pic:  Mouthwash

Role of Mouthwash in Dentistry :

In dentistry , mouthwash is used as following --

a) For rinsing  and spraying purpose after operative procedures.

b)  Following instrumentation.
               In the cases , the use of mouthwash  adds comfort to the patient and makes the patient to feel that his mouth is clean and cure due to pleasant taste , odour  and colour  of the mouthwash. 

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