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About Dental Filling Material

Usually due to caries ,some part of a tooth lost its anatomical structure and physiological function which further undergoes into a difficult condition resulting extraction of that tooth.So in its primary condition it must be prevented from further decay, which is done by a filling material.


Filling Material
                          1) Metallic filling material
                                       eg -Direct filling gold &its alloys Amalgam restoration

                         2) Non-Metallic filling material  
                                       *   Dental cement
                                       *   Resin bonded material 
                                       *  Endodontics material
                                                           eg- gutta-percha

Properties of Filling Material :

 a) Main characteristics -
                1.  Filling Material should be non-irritant to the pulp and gingiva.
                2.  Filling Material  should be cariostatics in nature.
                3.  Filling Material should not dissolve or erode in saliva or in fluids taken into mouth.

b) Mechanical properties -
                1.  Filling Material should have adequate strength to withstand the forces of mastication .
                2. Filling Material should be abrasion  resistant to dentifrice & constituent of food .

c) Thermal properties :

                 1.  Co-efficient of thermal expansion should be similar to that of enamel & dentine otherwise it produces marginal leakage.
                  2.  It should exhibit low thermal conductivity .
d)  Other properties :
                   1.  Filling  Material should be cohesive & not adhesive in nature .
                   2.  Filling  Material should be radio opaque so  that detection of secondary caries may be possible .
                   3.  Filling Material should not shows cold flow.
                                                                                           next ..................DENTAL CEMENT

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