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Gutta Percha :  

Gutta percha is -
                         * Elastic type of impression material
                         * Root Canal  Filling material 
                         * Chemically it is  an isomer of rubber 

Source of G.P: 
 Gutta percha  is obtain from the milky juice of various Malaysian Sapotaceous tree especially  Balaquium Gutta  as latex by the process of tapping the juice thus obtained by tapping coagulated by boiling in water 

purification :
It is very important  to purify G.P as completely  as possible other wise it becomes oxidize & distort its property rapidly  The purification is done by washing the crude gutta percha in hot water when the heavier particles  settle to the  bottom and the lighters are float then removed. Then it is heated by steam , while soft it is made into sticks, cones or blocks of the required size &shape.
                                                                pic:- Gutta percha 

Composition of Gutta percha :

1. Gutta 
2. Resinous Substance 20%  - 30%
3.Some elastic material also incorporated with it ,as 
                                                    c) Fatty acid
                                                    d) Addition of the silica ( Powdered)

pic :-Gutta percha 

Properties of Gutta percha:  

 Normally it is hard at hot water or heat it becomes soft & plastic & can be easily moulded. On cooling it again becomes hard. 
 It is insoluble in water & partially soluble in ether , alcohol, or acetone.
 This is completely dissolved in chlorofrom , Carbon tetra chloride or carbon-di sulfide.
 It is radio opaque . 
 It flowers under the stresses of mastication .
 It does not seal the margin of cavity tightly which tends to increase the sensibility of the dentin.
 It is inert & porous in nature .

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