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About Dental Caries:

Dental caries is a pathogenic process of microbial etiology that result into localized destruction of tooth tissues.
It is a multi-factorial disease involving the following factors:
   1. The host -particularly saliva and teeth.
   ii. The microflora and their substrate.
   iii. Diet
   iv. Time .
so, caries requires a susceptible  host a cariogenic oral flora and a suitable substrate , all of which  must be present together for a sufficient length of time .

                                                                        Dental caries

 Type of Dental Caries

Caries are of different types------
*         Pits and Fissure caries.
**       Smooth surface caries
***     Root caries 
****   Deep dentinal caries
                                                            Dental caries

Prevention of Dental Caries:

We know , dental caries  requires a susceptable host , a cariogenic oral flora and a suitable substrate, all of which must be present together for a sufficient length of time .

             so ,caries prevention is based on the following attempt.....
a)  By increasing the resistance  of the host  (By Fluoride therapy 
                                                                         Occusal sealants
                                                                          Immunization ) 
b) By lowering the number of micro-organisms in contact with the tooth  ( Plaque control by anti plaque agents )
c)  Modification of the substrate by taking non cariogenic  foodstuffs.
d) By reducing the time of the substrate to be in the mouth by limiting  the frequency of intake as well as by increasing the frequency of mouth cleaning.

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