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Vitamin -D1      Calciferol
Vitamin -D2      Ergo - Calcifrerol
Vitamin -D3     Chole -Calciferol

Source of Vitamin -D

               Fish liver oil
               Sea fish  ( Salmon, Tuna, Hering )
               Milk products like butter, cheese etc

              Yeast and food / vegetables irradiated with ultraviolet ray.

 Nature:-            Ultraviolet ray of sunlight converts Ergo-calciferol  and 7-dehydro cholestrerol  into  Ergo-calciferol  and colecalciferol  respectively in the skin.

Daily Requirements :-
                                             400 i.u. for  adult.
                                             600 - 800 i.u in pregnancy  and lactation


Function of Vitamin - D 

1. Vitamin -D regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorous  from  the intestinal tract.
2.  Vitamin -D  also helps in the calcification  of new bone and development of teeth .

3. Vitamin -D  is necessary  for  the proper growth of bone . This is why it is also know as  anti-ricketic vitamin. 

 Deficiency of Syndrome

 1. Mild deficiency causes insufficient utilization of calcium and phosphorous  in developing cartilage and newly  formed bones and teeth.

2.  In  severe deficiency it causes  ricket in children and osteomalacia  in adult .
                     In ricket , the newly growing bones become abnormal in shape and structure such as  bow legs
, knocky knees , enlargment of the ends of the bones etc.  But in osteo malacia it is marked by increasing softness of the bones so that they become flexible and brittle thus causing deformities.   


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  1. The specialist was very conservative in his treatment plans and he would explain in detail what was needed and why. I have had 3 implants from him and I faced no problem of any sort.


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