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About  Vitamin- A :

Vitamin -A  occure in the animal tissue in the from of retinol  but in plant , it is  found as provitamin which is a yellow-red carotinoid  pigment and is converted into vitamin -a in the liver.


Animal  :-  Liver
                 Fish liver oil (cod liver oil, shark liver oil etc )
                 Flesh of the oily fish
                 Milk &
                 Milk products like butter , cheese, ghee etc.

         Plant :-
        Green leafy vegetable like  
                                               pui shak.
                                               Lal shak
                                               Kalmi shak
                 Yellow or red vegetable or fruit like,
                                             Sweet potato 
                                             Ripe papya

Daily Requirements :

                 5000 i.u adult.
                 6000-8000 i.u pregnancy and lactation 

 Function :               

             1.  It is an essential component of  rdopsin  and promotes cyclic resynthesis  of visul purple thus helps in night vision .
             2. It   is essential for growth and  also  maintains  the integrity   and activity of epithelial tissue and gland . 
            3. It is also essential for reproduction. 
           4. It helps in the maintenance of resistance to infection . 
           5. It plays stabilizing role on the normal permeability to lysosome and mitochondria. 

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